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Our expert panel of Design & Build consultants are there every step of the way to help you articulate your self-build dream & ideas.


Contact us today and we’ll help turn those dreams into your perfect home

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616m2 / 6630 sq.ft

A traditional exterior, synonymous with residential architecture of rural upland Britain with a versatile and contemporary interior. This family home wraps around external spaces, facilitating great access between indoor and outdoor living, including a welcoming sheltered entrance courtyard.

Build cost from £1,000,000 

excl land costs & abnormals

Aspen Ground Floor Plan New.jpg

Frequently asked questions

Q: I've picked a plot, what's next?

A: We are happy to meet up with you to discuss your site. This can include advice on planning issues and previous applications on the site, the possibility of replacing an existing building on the site or discussing the benefits of the site to be maximised by a new design. 

Q: Do I need to worry about finding a builder?

A: No, you don't worry about finding anyone else once you have found us! We have a long-standing working relationships with everyone from structural engineers, to planners, to builders. We are able to pull together anyone and everyone needed to deliver your new home. We will manage and co-ordinate all of these parties, so one less thing for you to worry about. 

Q: Are all of your design on the website?

A: Our website has some of our designs, however these designs can be changed and tweaked to suit your ideas. Alternatively we can start with from scratch to design a house personalised to your taste, lifestyle and budget.


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