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Our in depth expertise within this industry allows us to take all the worry away. Allowing you to enjoy the excitement that such a personal development involves.

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We offer our clients a personal and tailored approach to the design and build of your new home. We understand that the dream of building your perfect new home can be an overwhelming experience at times, and that’s where our understanding and knowledge of property development kicks in.


First and foremost, we ensure ‘you’ are at the centre of all decisions and that ‘you’ are involved in from finding of the site, through to the handover of the keys. With our weekly updates and meetings, you will be up to date every step of the way.

We have proven successful relationships with the other design team members that will be required, and links with specialist Contractors throughout the country. So these close and trusted relationships will become yours. 


At each key stage we can offer advice and explanations to ensure that you are able to make precise, well informed, decisions. All stages of the process are adaptable and can be personalised to fit your requirements - this is ‘your’ new home after all.


If you are interested in discussing the process further in a ‘no commitment’ meeting, please get in touch. It is at this stage, for your further peace of mind, that we can also put you in direct contact with other clients that we’ve helped along the way.

The Process – Step by Step


Get in touch - talk us through your dream project, the site, and your ideas, and we'll advise on how we proceed from there. 

Looking to buy some land? Give us a call first and we can let you know how we can help.


We can help advise on survey requirements and arrange for the relevant surveys to be carried out.


Our creative design team will work with you to incorporate your ideas into a new build design, or develop an off plan design.


Initial cost analysis of concept design to ensure project is within budget before appointment of the full design team.


We will bring together other residential experienced consultants to provide a fully coordinated design team package to develop the technical design of your home.


Full design development of the dwelling, agreeing timescales for sign off from yourselves. Regular contact and meetings to ensure the design is in line with your expectations. 


Preparation and submission of relevant planning and local authority  permissions, and discharging of any relevant conditions. 


Cost analysis of the design to ensure project is within budget. Regularly reviewed by a residential specialist Quantity Surveyor. 


Our specialist construction team will undertake, and manage, the full build of your new home. We’ll facilitate regular site visits for you to check on your home’s design, build quality, and progress, throughout the whole of the construction phase, right up to the day you move in.



The Interior Design process will work hand in hand with the architecture to ensure each element is carefully considered for the finished quality of your new home. From bespoke joinery design down to the final finishing personal touches, we will work with you to ensure each element is carefully considered, installed, and placed ready for you walking in the door.


Through a seamless design and build process your new home will be fully snagged to ensure a smooth key handed over. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: I've picked a plot, what's next?

A: We are happy to meet up with you to discuss your site. This can include advice on planning issues and previous applications on the site, the possibility of replacing an existing building on the site or discussing the benefits of the site to be maximised by a new design. 

Q: Do I need to worry about finding a builder?

A: No, you don't worry about finding anyone else once you have found us! We have a long-standing working relationships with everyone from structural engineers, to planners, to builders. We are able to pull together anyone and everyone needed to deliver your new home. We will manage and co-ordinate all of these parties, so one less thing for you to worry about. 

Q: Are all of your design on the website?

A: Our website has some of our designs, however these designs can be changed and tweaked to suit your ideas. Alternatively we can start with from scratch to design a house personalised to your taste, lifestyle and budget.


Contact our team

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